KMix little broken for ALSA backend - not more than KMix in KDE 3.2.2

Christian Esken c.esken at
Mon Jun 21 08:33:55 BST 2004

On Monday 21 June 2004 09:14, Peter Zubaj wrote:
> Hi,
> I tested KMix CVS version from 20040617.
> I have 2 soundcards runing ALSA:
> - Via8233 + ALC650 onboard sondcard
> - Creative Audigy
> Problems:
> 1)
> KMix doesn't handle enum mixer controls. Look at functions 

I would like to look at them, but ALSA does not provide any documentation about the Mixer interface.
Reading alsamixer source is extremly tiresome.

>Older versions doesn't handle this too (KDE 3.2.2)

Correct. It never did, but it is planned for after KDE3.3.

> 2)
> One mixer element can have both playback and capture volume.
> I think there should be 2 sliders for this kind of element. One for
> playback and one for capture. (that's why you can set capture volume

ACK. Planned for after KDE3.3.

> 3)
> Selecting capture source is not good.
> If I select capture source to something, this doesn't mean, that I
> cannot record from other sources.

Its better than in KMix2.0, where selecting record source would lead to unpredictable results.
BTW: capture is the same as record, do I understand this right?

> But SB Live has capture switch nearly on all inputs. When KMix sets
> capture source it removes it from other inputs, but in alsamixer you
> can set capture source for 2 and more sources.

Will change after KDE3.3

> Best way will be - set capture source and reread values from mixer to
> see what changes (and this will sync sliders with other mixer too).

Yes, but exactly this is VERY complicated with ALSA. You cannot simply "read", and additionally ALSA does not provide documentation on the Mixer interface at all. It will be done as soon as ALSA provides documentation.


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