KMix little broken for ALSA backend - not more than KMix in KDE 3.2.2

Peter Zubaj pzad at
Mon Jun 21 08:14:16 BST 2004


I tested KMix CVS version from 20040617.
I have 2 soundcards runing ALSA:
- Via8233 + ALC650 onboard sondcard
- Creative Audigy

KMix doesn't handle enum mixer controls. Look at functions 
Older versions doesn't handle this too (KDE 3.2.2)

One mixer element can have both playback and capture volume.
I think there should be 2 sliders for this kind of element. One for
playback and one for capture. (that's why you can set capture volume
on Audigy, it has mixer elements with playback volume and capture
volume, but it doesn't have playback switch (mute in kmix) and capture
switch (record source in kmix)

Selecting capture source is not good.
If I select capture source to something, this doesn't mean, that I
cannot record from other sources.

One mixer element can be composed from 1 to 4 driver mixer controls:
1) something Playback Volume (snd_mixer_selem_has_playback_volume)
2) something Playback Switch (snd_mixer_selem_has_playback_switch)
3) something Capture Volume (snd_mixer_selem_has_capture_volume)
4) something Capture Switch (snd_mixer_selem_has_capture_switch)

Capture switch is something like mute on capture volume.

When you change capture source from Line In to Mic, you set capture
switch for Mic. ALSA driver clears Line In capure switch.

But SB Live has capture switch nearly on all inputs. When KMix sets
capture source it removes it from other inputs, but in alsamixer you
can set capture source for 2 and more sources.

Best way will be - set capture source and reread values from mixer to
see what changes (and this will sync sliders with other mixer too).

Peter Zubaj
____________________________________ - najvacsi slovensky freemail

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