Great new KMix is commited ... feedback appreciated

Christian Esken c.esken at
Sun Jun 20 15:39:02 BST 2004

On Sunday 20 June 2004 11:14, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> Well, I recompiled kmix and on next login the applet only showed 2 and a half 
> grey bars. Because of that I moved the applet somewhere else with more space 
> and TADAHH, I suddenly had _all_ channels visible although my applet should 
> only show three channels (main vol, pcm vol, external vol for rear speakers).
> I'll reply if this happens again with current kmix (going to rebuild it in a 
> few minutes).

I found something. There was a EVIL bug in the KMixApplet. But it should only happen when you have 2 or more KMixApplet's installed in Kicker.
This bug is now fixed.

> > > - has some weird spacing depending on how much width is available (all
> > > this on a horizontal panel)
> >
> > Not a real bug: It takes as much space as it gets: I might change that if
> > possible.
> please do, kmixapplet should always use minimal width, i.e. noSliders * 
> sliderWidth + (noSliders+1)*sliderSpacing. Space on panels is always limited 
> and I doubt anybody likes the changing spacing. just try dragging around 
> other items on a panel, kmixapplet really feels weird while doing so :)


> > - It forget to save config
> dunno =)

Well, it did forget. The bug I just fixed was in all the time.


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