A nice feature in WinAmp....

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at nbl.fi
Sat Jul 24 17:21:36 BST 2004

First, a brief overview of my system: I have two sound-cards in my system: An 
Audigy2 and an integrated Via soundcard. Headphones are connected to the 
Audigy, while my TFT's speakers are connected to the integrated to the 
integrated soundchip. The CDROM's audio-output is connected to the integrated 

Now, if I put an audio-CD in the CDROM, I can't listen to it with my 
headphones, since Audigy is not connected to the CDROM. I could listen to it 
with my TFT's speakers. That's how it is with my KDE/Linux-system. But I 
noticed that in W2K I CAN listen to the audio-tracks with my headphones, if I 
use WinAmp. How it does that, I don't know, but it would be nice if the KDE 
CD-player could do the same don't you think?

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