KDE 3.2 and recording with KRec

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Fri Feb 27 13:40:58 GMT 2004

On Friday 27 February 2004 14:21, Kevin wrote:
> However, I'm trying to learn how to use KRec for
> recording from the microphone of the sound card, and
> having some difficulty.  I've read the KDE Manuals for
> KMix, KRec, aRts Control Tool, and a couple of others,
> but KRec is not working as described in it's Manual.  
> I do see the KRec::In and KRec::Out in the aRts
> Control Tool (Audio Manager), and they are set up as
> described in the KRec Manual (KRec::In connected to
> the in_soundcard bus with type record).

Could be that the KRec docs are a bit old. They don't describe the version 
shipped with KDE3.2. Sorry, I didn't have the time to rewrite them before the 

> One thing I'm not clear on is this, from the Manual:
> "1)  First you have to select the recording source in
> your soundcard. You need your favorite mixer (KMix),
> where you should select the source you need for
> recording."
> This is probably so simple that I'll kick myself when I
> figure it out, but just how do I select the source for
> recording?  I have KMix open, I've read it's manual,
> but it doesn't talk about selecting a recording
> source.  I see the right-click pop-up menu and it's
> item to "Set Record Source" but I don't think I'm
> understanding how to use it.  Every slider that I
> right click on (Line, Microphone, CD, IGain, Line1,
> PhoneIn, etc.) shows that the "Set Record Source" menu
> item has a check mark next to it.  When I select it
> (thinking it's a toggle) to turn something off as a
> record source, I would expect that the check mark
> would disappear from beside the entry for whatever
> component I've chosen.  That's not what happens.  All
> of the sliders have check marks next to that entry,
> and none of them turn off.  When I do the same thing
> for the "Muted" entry in that menu, it works as I
> expect, and plus, I see the green light at the top of
> the slider turn on or off when muting is checked or
> not, respectively.  Is the red light at the bottom
> supposed to correlate with the selected recording
> source?  The Manual gives no insight into that
> question, and it doesn't even mention the "Set Record
> Source" entry in that context-sensitive pop-up menu.

The red lights correspond to the recording setting...

Maybe your card isn't able to de-select record sources? Maybe you just need to 
pull some kind of "record volume" up. But depends very much on the soundcard 
you use. Here I have three different soundcards and all behave different...

> "2)  You also need to configure the aRts server for
> full-duplex (and your soundcard and drivers should
> support this too). If you need to restart aRts you
> should also restart KRec "
> I'm not sure how to verify that aRts is in full-duplex
> mode.  Any clues on that?

Either by running "artsshell status" in a konsole and searching its output for 
a line "duplex: XXX" to see wether it full- or half-duplex.
Or you start the controlcenter section "Sound & Multimedia" / "Sound System". 
On the second page there is a checkbox for full-duplex...

> Everything in 1 and 2 seems to work, but I don't see
> the recording level bouncing on the KRec recording
> level meter.  Even if I try to choose the sound card
> output as the recording source and play an mp3 file
> using Noatun, I hear the output from the sound card
> speakers, and see the recording level bouncing in the
> aRts Master Volume levels, but not in KRec.

Do you select soundcard output as recording source in your Mixer or in the 
audiomanager of artscontrol/KRec? The later works (should work?) even with 
arts in half-duplex, the first only with full-duplex...


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