[Bug 74744] Sound Skips in juK and Noatun

Adrien Beau spam.bucket at free.fr
Thu Feb 26 11:44:36 GMT 2004

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Same irritation here. Now that XMMS doesn't support aRts output anymore, I'm trying alternatives. However both noatun and JuK suffer from skipping, and other playlist managers (madman for example) use XMMS for playback.

Here's my practical experience with skipping in these three programs:

* XMMS with aRts output : none (theoretically possible, of course, but never noticed).
* Noatun: rare (a few skips per song)
* JuK: less rare (several skip per song, as soon as there's CPU activity)

The skips are all very short (a tenth of a second, maybe), but sufficiently noticeable to be irritating. They are clearly related to CPU load (or maybe interrupt load, let's just say machine activity). Things that are sure to cause skips: open-in-a-new-tab in Mozilla, switching applications with alt+tab (most windows are full screen), fast-typing text in Mozilla, receiving ten-or-so emails in KMail.

The machine is a PII at 275MHz with 192 MB of RAM, a good enough hard drive (UDMA 33, 15 MB/sec or so), an ISA sound card (SB AWE 64), and a sometimes loaded PCI bus (USB modem on an USB PCI card, wireless card that generates lots of interrupts - but skips occur even when it is off). It runs the latest slackware-current (with the latest KDE 3.2.0 packages) and a 2.4.24 kernel with the Con Kolivas patch (low latency scheduling and co.).

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