[Bug 74744] Sound Skips in juK and Noatun

Brian Knight briankni at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Feb 10 00:24:40 GMT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From briankni at andrew.cmu.edu  2004-02-10 01:24 -------
I'm not talking about long hdd thrashing caused by other programs.  I'm talking about leaving the machine with only the music player running.  

Without even touching the computer, skips will occur.  The hdd activity seems to be a symptom, not a cause.  Skipping of this nature _never_ has occured with
any other music player including xmms.  

I've been conducting some tests. This info may help:

Player              Other activity               mp3 Bit Rate         Result
JuK                      none                      128k              no skip
JuK                      none                      320k               skips
Noatun                   none                      320k             no skip    
Noatun                   none                      128k             no skip 
JuK                 open directory in Konq.*        128k                skips
Noatun              ""    ""        ""  ""         128k               skips
xmms                ""    ""        ""  ""         320k               no skip

*Opening a previously unopened directory with lots of files

So, under a normal load neither Noatun no Juk perform satisfactorily.  Perhaps
the sound system was tested on machines with fast hard disks and so this
problem was never noticed?

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