[PATCH] QT 3.3 transparency fix for noatun kjofol loader

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Mon Feb 23 20:12:02 GMT 2004


as the trolls decided to break application compatiblity between major releases 
I had to do something and here it is. This patch should make the loader work 
properly on both QT 3.3 and still preserving compatibility to older QT 
I need at least two replies, one for QT 3.3 and one for an older version 
before I commit this to both HEAD and KDE_3_2_BRANCH.

Please try this patch, it's really easy to apply, is VERY small and also damn 
easy to try out (even just checking the kjofol prefs should be enough, though 
the sliders are interesting too).

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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