goal of kde-multimedia ?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sun Feb 22 21:54:29 GMT 2004

On Sunday 22 February 2004 22:11, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> On Sonntag Februar 22 2004 21:34, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > section 1: tightly arts related sound stuff:
> > oggvorbis-artsplugin/
> Works but mpeglib_artsplug does the same. As I don't listen to ogg too much
> I cannot comment on which one is the better.

and mpeglib has higher priority in the choosing process of arts... and mpeglib 
id better...

> > Section 1 basically does nothing else than implement an audio player
> > (with highly advanced capabilities) and a multimedia API.
> "Nothing else"? Isn't that enough?

You forgot a real cool synthesizer! And lot of effects and tools to make the 
music even better and fatter...

> > Section 3, these are applications which add real value.
> Value for whom? I don't use krec nor do I use juk. Your definition is
> weird.

no comment ;-)

> > But, be honest, are there any wide-spread KDE-based multimedia
> > applications out there ?
> No, because nobody ever tried pushing arts. There are a few ambitous
> projects (rosegarden) but as I haven't used them I cannot comment too much
> on them.

Unfortunately Rosegarden choosen while compiling between aRts and Jack so I 
can't the arts-part :-(

> > What other multimedia apps do we need ?
> Something to edit wave-data with. The only usable piece of software for
> that task so far is called rezound.

Or audacity or sweep...
And for more tracks: Rosegarden, muse and ardour and some others...

And perhaps some basic functions come into next KRec release...

> > PPS: /me ducks.. even good old xmms can be used as a backend via libxmms,
> > works perfectly, plays all files, offers all functions, is rock-stable,
> > and with some patches the xmms-window can be hidden so you never see
> > it...

But it doesn't have several effects, no compressor, no good eq...


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