goal of kde-multimedia ?

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Sun Feb 22 21:11:55 GMT 2004

On Sonntag Februar 22 2004 21:34, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> section 1: tightly arts related sound stuff:
> audiofile-artsplugin/
Uses an installed libaudiofile AFAIK and works better than the default 
playback supported by arts.

> mpg123-artsplugin/
Dead for ever, should have been removed long ago.

> oggvorbis-artsplugin/
Works but mpeglib_artsplug does the same. As I don't listen to ogg too much I 
cannot comment on which one is the better.

> section 2: not-so arts-related things:
> kscd/
if kio would support seeking we could use noatun or kaboodle or juk instead, 
i.e. by using the audiocd ioslave.

> Section 4: codec libs:
> mpg123/
there's no mpg123 dir in cvs.

> mpeglib/
that one's patched.

> Section 1 basically does nothing else than implement an audio player (with
> highly advanced capabilities) and a multimedia API.
"Nothing else"? Isn't that enough?

> Section 3, these are applications which add real value.
Value for whom? I don't use krec nor do I use juk. Your definition is weird.

> Section 4, maintaining an own copy of codec libs isn't a good idea IMO.
So write an artplugin for something that is installed on every system and 
plays mpeg files. I'm sure you won't find any lib (btw, xine and mplayer both 
have many of the used libs in their sourcetree as well).

> But, be honest, are there any wide-spread KDE-based multimedia applications
> out there ?
No, because nobody ever tried pushing arts. There are a few ambitous projects 
(rosegarden) but as I haven't used them I cannot comment too much on them. 

> For sound people use xmms, for video mplayer (or xine). There are several
> kde frontends for mplayer.
Embedding the mplayer xwin is no frontend, it's a hack.

> IMO what we need is the ability for any app to say "play this sound file",
> usually notifications.
We already have.

> Now for "real" multimedia applications: IMO the best way to get some good
> apps/kparts is to work with the established projects.
> This means: working together with mplayer and xine, videolan, etc. , and
> adding the kde-required stuff directly *there*.
There is at least one usable kde-frontend to xine, it's called kaffeine. It 
just isn't usable for audio playback IMO because it's a mainwindow to display 
something inside, but in the case of audio there is nothing to display.
I will never understand why people want a multimedia-player. Audio and video 
playback are different things!

> What other multimedia apps do we need ?
Something to edit wave-data with. The only usable piece of software for that 
task so far is called rezound.

> So, what is the actual goal ode kde-multimedia ? Do we want to implement
> our own versions of mplayer, xine, xmms, videolan with our own
> super-integrated system or do we simply want to get some nice
> kde-integrated multimedia apps out to the people ?
I fail to see what "integration" has to do with xmms, it's a player with a gui 
on its own and has no backend to base any kde-frontend on. Almost the same 
applies to mplayer because it's no shared lib and all frontends I've seen so 
far do nothing but try to embed the mplayer xwin into theirs. This breaks way 
too often and is a crude hack.

> PS.: Discussions about the bad code of mplayer are pointless, it works
Yeah, a fact is a fact.

> PPS: /me ducks.. even good old xmms can be used as a backend via libxmms,
> works perfectly, plays all files, offers all functions, is rock-stable, and
> with some patches the xmms-window can be hidden so you never see it...
You must be joking.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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