Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

Gioele Barabucci dev at
Fri Feb 20 11:54:30 GMT 2004

Zack Rusin <zack <at>> writes: 
> Just wondering what are people thinking about  
> . I think it's rather impressive. 
It is very impressive:  
Things we really need: 
- Decoding/Encoding/Output plugins (many already implemented) 
- Synchronisation 
- Threads support 
Things is nice to have: 
- LGPL'd + some GPL plugins 
- Distributed/net media 
- Serialization 
- Doxygen generated documentation of API and a clean C++ coding style. 
Three are my fears: 
- Is it light enought? I mean, will it take ~1% of CPU time while decoding an 
MP3 or 30%? 
- How simple is to create/integrate plugins? From the doc is seems rater 
simple, but you can't say anything untill you try. 
- How much will the support an external big and annoy user like KDE? :) 

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