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On Thursday February 19, 2004 4:15 pm, Koos Vriezen wrote:
> Scott Wheeler wrote:
> > Also reasonable.  But let's define some precise terms -- "backend"
> > isn't meaningful.  Let's say:
> >
> > "sound server" -- a hardware abstraction, i.e. Jack or ESD
> >
> > "media framework" -- a library or set of libraries that may or may not
> > specifically work with a "sound server" to decode and generally handle
> > *audio and video* media.
> Apart from if arts or gstreamer would be choosen as a media framework,
> should all KDE apps be linked to this framework, like it's now
> with arts?

Most KDE apps don't link to aRts.  KDE apps with simple sound needs just 
use KNotifyClient.  KNotify links to aRts, but KNotify users do not.

This would not change if we replaced aRts with GStreamer.  Only apps 
needing more complex features (such as those in kdemultimedia) would link 
to GStreamer.

> I hope this discussion is converging to having a small sound server,
> used by all KDE apps (with no linking penalties, lazy initialization
> etc).

Won't work.  We need decoders, and a dumb sound server doesn't supply one.

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