Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

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Fri Feb 20 00:32:03 GMT 2004

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On Friday 20 February 2004 1:15, Koos Vriezen wrote:

> Apart from if arts or gstreamer would be choosen as a media framework,
> should all KDE apps be linked to this framework, like it's now
> with arts?

That's still open for debate.

> I hope this discussion is converging to having a small sound server,
> used by all KDE apps (with no linking penalties, lazy initialization etc).
> Since arts already can use ESD, MAS, ALSA as sound server, we already have 
> this Knotify should use a sound server (as defined above) and not a media 
> framework IHMO. So what should be done is writing a sound server for KDE 
> first.

That doesn't make any sense -- why would we write another sound server?

> Next change arts to use it, post patches to gstreamer/mplayer/xine to use it 
> too. And  next everybody is happy because we have a light sound server, arts 
> applications still work and development on gstreamer/whatever can 
> continue :-) 

Which basically means we'd be where we are now, but we'd have introduced 
another layer and something else for us to do a bad job of maintaining.

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