Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

Koos Vriezen koos.vriezen at
Fri Feb 20 00:15:12 GMT 2004

Scott Wheeler wrote:

> Also reasonable.  But let's define some precise terms -- "backend" isn't 
> meaningful.  Let's say:
> "sound server" -- a hardware abstraction, i.e. Jack or ESD
> "media framework" -- a library or set of libraries that may or may not 
> specifically work with a "sound server" to decode and generally handle *audio 
> and video* media.

Apart from if arts or gstreamer would be choosen as a media framework,
should all KDE apps be linked to this framework, like it's now
with arts?
I hope this discussion is converging to having a small sound server,
used by all KDE apps (with no linking penalties, lazy initialization etc).
Since arts already can use ESD, MAS, ALSA as sound server, we already have this
Knotify should use a sound server (as defined above) and not a media framework
IHMO. So what should be done is writing a sound server for KDE first. Next
change arts to use it, post patches to gstreamer/mplayer/xine to use it too. And
next everybody is happy because we have a light sound server, arts applications
still work and development on gstreamer/whatever can continue :-)

Just my 2 c of course (but I'm willing to spend some time on this sound server),


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