Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

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On Thursday 19 February 2004 14:00, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> Most people only want to hear music and from time to time maybe some
> notifications. For a soundcard with two channels this is no problem, he can
> even adjust the level for each channel individually :-)
Some notes (but just my opinions):

We barely have aRts being maintained at this point, don't you think all of 
this discussion is a little lofty?

That said, I think we should support multiple architectures.  KDE is all about 
choice, and we should be able to choose what works best for us as 
individuals.  Personally, I need aRts support for klicker (without having to 
rewrite all of the tone generation code) - it makes use of the synth 
capabilities of aRts (and they are perfect for what I need).  But gestreamer 
and (insert architecture here) would be nice too.

I have some ideas, but I hesitate to put them out here just yet.  We have much 
more pressing problems to solve - like triaging aRts.  I'll try to do some 
work on that as soon as I can get caught up a bit with paying work (probably 
this weekend).  That'll also give me some experience with some of the more 
esoteric features of C++, which I could sorely use...

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> Alex

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