[Bug 75008] noatun adds 31 spaces after text fields in id3v2 tags

Anno V.Heimburg anno at vonheimburg.de
Thu Feb 12 08:37:18 GMT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From anno at vonheimburg.de  2004-02-12 09:37 -------
Let me clarify a bit:

1. The problem only pertains to songs that have only an id3v1-tag. I changed my tagger sometime ago, and the newer songs with both id3v1 and id3v2-tags render okay

2. I had id3convert run over all of my songs and had it copy id3v1-info into the id3v2-tag if no id3v2-tag existed. After doing that, everything is back to normal

3. The reason that I filed a bug is that (a) noatun didn't do this in kde-3.1 and (2) most other players seem to handle the bad tags well enough. If you think broken taggers are a user and not a noatun problem, you can close this bug. However, I suggest you "fix" this as it will lead unsuspecting users to believe that noatun is broken some way (as it did me).

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