[Bug 75008] noatun adds 31 spaces after text fields in id3v2 tags

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Feb 12 08:20:25 GMT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From wheeler at kde.org  2004-02-12 09:20 -------
Ok, I'm not entirely sure what you're seeing here, but there are pretty strong odds on the tagger you used doing things wrong.

The only reason that the others might be seeming to handle this better is that they explicitly strip spaces (JuK does that) just because there are so many taggers that do this wrong.

Now if I understand what you're saying -- it sounds like you found a tagger that did things wrong with the ID3v1 tags and then something else that copied the wrong version into the ID3v2 tags, or something like that.

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