NoteEdit 2.4.2

Joerg Anders j.anders at
Wed Feb 4 11:54:09 GMT 2004

Version 2.4.2 of the musical score editor NoteEdit is available:

New features:

	- Problems with Flex-2.5.x fixed.
	  The new Flex begins to behave according to
          its documentation. This causes problems during
	  file reading: All dotted notes are wrong.
	  This in turn leads to totally idiotic and unaligned scores.

	- MusiXTeX export with choices for character coding:

		1. selection the module fonts TeX (T2A, OT2, OT1...)
		2. selection the locale file (latin1, cp1251, koi8-u, koi8-r...)
		3. additional selection of package ucs for UTF-8 

	 This sould make it possible to work with international
	 character sets. Don't ask me too much about this topic!
	 All I know is: 
	 T2A + cp1251 + UTF-8 produces Russian (Cyrillic) texts. 
	 T2A + ucs + UTF-8 produces Urkrainian texts.

	 If you have problems with your character set and you know
	 what to do: Let me know!

	- In similar manner the LilyPond export dialog now
	  shows a choice between ASCII, latin1, utf8
	  and unicode text coding. Perhaps this can contribute
	  to internationalization.(?)

	- a terrible slur bug which prevented saved .not
	  files from being loaded  is fixed

	- Restoring slurs in graces should work. This can lead to
	  problems for MUP users. The reason is: I want to keep
	  the NoteEdit storage format as MUP-able as possible.

	  Actually slurs over more than one note are made 
	  by so-called "phrases" by giving the start and stop time
	  in terms of the current denominator
	  of the time signature.
	  For instance slur from 1st to 4th quarter in 4/4 measure:

	1: 4c; 4d; 4e; 4f; 
	phrase  1: 1 til 3;

	  Unfortunatly, graces have all the same start time and
	  the main note has also the same start time:

	1: [grace] 8c; [grace] 8d; [grace] 8e; 4f;
	phrase 1 til 1

	  This gives nonsense. So, I "extended" the MUP syntax.
	  Of course, the result is not MUP-able.

      - MusicXML in-/ouput further improved (Thanks to Leon Vinken):
        + is now more interchangeable with other systems (especially on
      	+ better handling of trills
	+ better handling of dynamics (hairpins)

      - Bugs fixed:

	Among them  - wrong LilyPond stem statements in
			"no keep stems" case

		    - paste inserts a lot of nonsense rests
		      in multiple voices per staff case

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (ja at

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