[Patch] Kmix alsa addtions

Christian Esken c.esken at cityweb.de
Fri Dec 31 17:59:32 GMT 2004

Am Dienstag 28 Dezember 2004 14:16 schrieb Helio Chissini de Castro:
> Hello all..
> Merry late xmas and new year first :-)

Thanks, and please have a nice new years eve. I am leaving soon for party.

> So, Christian, i propose we follow the ideas of kamix author, and add new type 
> of widgets and MOVE definitively to the profile based kmix. Until then, we 

OK. I'll see what I can do.

But this basically only the "visualization" part - the GUI. 
As far as I understood from Walts mail, we ALSO need fixes on the mixer_alsa9.cpp.
Record channels are not created by the mixer backend (mixer_alsa9.cpp), is this correct?

> will have more and more troubles with different cards, since i received some 
> reports that nforce 3 card will have differences too, and i didn't expect 
> things will be better and simple to maintain the current "one mixer fits them 
> all" kmix.

Shudder. My nforce2 sound chipset is looking very "normal" in KMix, so nforce3 is probably a complete new design.

> Walt, i know this can be a little frustrating doing such a large patch and not 
> working or accepted, but believe me, i have the same problem as you since 
> acquired new Audigy card, and hope we need proper fix in the kmix 
> architecture to assure that everyone can have kmix well fitted to their card.

What part of the architecture are you referring to (probably this is the same question as above: GUI and/or Mixer backend ?


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