[Patch] Kmix alsa addtions

Christian Esken c.esken at cityweb.de
Thu Dec 23 13:28:26 GMT 2004

Am Freitag 17 Dezember 2004 18:53 schrieb Walt H:
> Hello,
> I've put together some (rough) patches to handle a situation that arises 
> in kmix when using the Alsa drivers for an emu10k1 based soundcard 

Hi Walt,

this is great. There are so many KMIx bugreports with emu based soundcards.
So I am very glad about your patches.

> (audigy for me). What these patches do:
> Allow both output / input for a specific channel and separate the two. 
> This allows you to, for example, have separate volume controls for both 
> playback and capture for the Microphone, CD etc...

I have to discuss this with Helio.

> I'm not a very experienced C/C++ coder, so these patches may be a bit 
> rough. I've tested the resulting app on my audigy based system as well 
> as my other non-audigy based systems with good results. I checked out 
> the kmix source via CVS to see if this issue was corrected yet, and 
> didn't see that it was. So, I hacked this up. Hope it's useful.

The patch is quite big and I am currently trying to understand it.

As far as I see you made an own method createVolumeObject(), which
might be a good idea (lets see).

The thing I haven't understood yet: What getRecordStatus() is good for?

> My code only handles Alsa based soundcards. I haven't even looked / 

This is fine.


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