aRts maintenance

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller christian at
Fri Dec 3 09:40:45 GMT 2004

> Stefan Gehn wrote:
> Btw, does GStreamer work on anything else except Linux?

It works on MacOSX (with native output plugins) already 
and it works on Windows (can be compiled using Microsofts compiler), but
lacking native windows output plugins still so it is mostly useful for
doing transcoders etc. atm. The reason for the windows port is using it
as the backend for a cross-platform NLE (combining it with wxWindows if
I remember correctly).

It also runs on Solaris (with a native Sunaudio ouput plugin), HP-UX,
Irix, FreeBSD (and I am assuming the other xBSD's as well) and AIX.


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