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Thu Dec 2 18:54:58 GMT 2004

On December 2, 2004 9:46, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> AFAIK there will be a keep-it-simple-stupid approach that suffices KNotify
> and smaller games. Every real sound-application will have to reinvent the
> wheel and choose a new sound-backend (which will then force users to
> install a dozen different sound systems/servers/whatever) :(

i keep hearing this from the "sound should be complex" camp[1], and yet having 
both a KISS aproach and a "full featured" approach are not mutually 
exclusive. BOTH can be done simultaneously. a KISS layer does not mean having 
nothing for the more complex sound apps (which you refer to as "real 
sound-applications", though i think that too is a complete and utter 

if there is no single back end that satisfies our needs, then we do have a 
problem. but if there is one stack that KDE can "bless" as being the 
preferred / official stack, then a KISS layer can be built on top of that for 
us non-media developer dummies who'd like to have media in our apps. we can 
have our cake and eat it too.

note that this has nothing to do with media development at all: it has 
everything to do with API design, and i think that Mathias' presentation @ 
aKademy about API design is very apropos here.

[1] i have no other term to describe it, really, though i know that probably 
isn't what you are _trying_ to communicate =)

Aaron J. Seigo
Society is Geometric
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