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Stefan Westerfeld stefan at
Thu Dec 2 15:10:19 GMT 2004


If you looked closely at my latest aRts commits, you probably already saw that
I almost didn't work on it lately. I thought quite a bit about this - as it is
hard to definitely stop coding on a long term project - but I came to the
conclusion that I will no longer work on it. I think its better to definitely
draw the line here, so that a new maintainer can be found and/or plans on how
to proceed without aRts for KDE can be made and implemented.

Part of this of course already started anyway, and I hope that KDE4, whatever
it will use for "the multimedia stuff" will provide an even better user
experience than KDE1, KDE2 and KDE3 did ;). I surely would enjoy using great
free software for all tasks, but of course especially multimedia stuff. You
might see me working on some synthesis/music code in the future, but the
rest I have to leave to others.

You can read a longer text on the reasons why I stop aRts development
here and on the possible alternatives and directions I see at .

   Cu... Stefan
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