Need help with dub

Eray Ozkural exa at
Tue Sep 9 20:01:24 BST 2003

For those of you who think noatun must dominate the multimedia world!

I need help with testing dub in kdeaddons so I can get it into the release 
without as many bugs as it now has!

What are the complications? Dub is a dynamic playlist, because it works 
directly on the filesystem. So changes to the file system must not corrupt 
operation, but I understood that wasn't as easy as it seemed. There is at 
least one bug that leads to a crash which I couldn't isolate yet.

How to test it: dub has basically 4 code paths corresponding to dir/shuffle 
settings. If you can test it out on large dir trees and on extreme cases like 
empty dirs, dir with empty subdirs only, etc. In none of these cases, it 
should hang or cause a crash. I think I got the extreme cases okay, but in 
the case of dynamic changes as mentioned above it's not as smart as it ought 
to be.

If you find bugs, please report to kde bts!


PS: Suggestions/wishlists for UI, etc. are welcome, of course.

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