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On Monday 08 September 2003 15:00, Arnold Krille wrote:
> Hi all,
> as this topic was touched every now and then I would reraise it here and 
> now: 
> I would like to change the kcontrol-entry "Sound & Multimedia" to 
> "Multimedia". I think this represents the current state much better and 
> still everyone searching for sound-specific-things will recognice it.

Well, I agree with you that it is a better name, but at this point I'm quite 
against changing the names of things in KControl without significant benefit.  
KDE has a habit of changing the way things are organized in KControl with 
every release and our users get sick of it.  I realize that you're suggesting 
only a minor change, but since we're not too far from looking towards KDE 4 I 
would prefer that it wait until then when I'm sure things will get 
reorganized a bit anyway.

> I would do this change myself if I had a glue where to look for this. Could 
> someone point me to the right location or change this for me?


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