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Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sun Sep 7 13:16:12 BST 2003

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On Sunday 07 September 2003 13:36, Tim Jansen wrote:
> But this is an issue that you can not solve by putting it into another KDE 
> module. You can only solve it by releasing the software as tarball.

Well, that would be the idea of putting it in kdeextragear -- the library will 
formally be released separately, but in practical terms it would be released 
to sync up with the KDE 3.2 release.

> Sooner or later KDE needs to get some package that has to be compiled 
> between kdelibs and application modules like kdemultimedia and kdenetworks, 
> and compiles them only 'on-demand'. Simply because the number of KDE-hosted 
> special-purpose libraries like TagLib will grow and applications will use
> them, but you can not put everything in kdelibs. 

Yes, I agree -- specifically we're starting to see a lot of projects that are 
in a similar category:  non-kde specific, but targeted towards KDE.

aRts, unsermake, mpeglib, kjs, etc. come to mind...

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