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Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Sun Sep 7 10:18:46 BST 2003

Moin moin,

On Sonntag September 07 2003 00:42, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> At this point several of you are familiar with my work on a new audio meta
> data library.
> [...]
> I have listed on the feature plan adding ID3v2 support to KDE 3.2 meaning
> rewriting the KFileMetaInfo plugin to use TagLib.  JuK will also most
> likely use the API directly (since it's much faster than going through the
> KFMI abstraction layer).

I plan to do the same for Noatun. KFMI is only good for one file at a time but 
unsuitable when recreating a KFMI-object every few msecs.

> Several others have shown interest for a variety of applications.

me, me, me *waveswithhands* ;)

> So -- in thinking about where the best place for it to go in CVS I think
> I've come to the conclusion that extragear makes the most sense.  One of

Why not kdemultimedia, what to do with my tagreader-plugin then, I guess I'd 
have to put it into etragear too then.
Actually I think taglib does not fit into any module at all because it's not 
depending on KDE in any way.
Why not put it into kdesupport and make releases from there regularly and 
independent of any kde release schedule, after all it's a support-library and 
no extra-application?

> Questions?  Flames?

You guys are too slow, it's still not in KDE CVS ;))

Bye, Stefan aka mETz (who is looking forward to TagLib for ages)
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