Patch for Noatun's Split Playlist

Stefan Gehn sgehn at
Sun May 18 10:28:32 BST 2003

Moin again,

On Sunday May 18 2003 05:33, Nathaniel W. Turner wrote:
> On Saturday 17 May 2003 11:31 pm, Nathaniel W. Turner wrote:
> > area (nothing else!)." [1]  As adding or removing files is one of the
> > main
> Grr... I hit Ctrl+Enter by accident there, before I could paste this
> footnote:
> [1]

nice one, cut/copy/paste might be interesting too, not sure how to do this 
properly yet but I'll definetely think about adding these too :)

Btw, if anybody has a clue how to rename "File" to "Playlist" (KMail Editor 
renames that one to "Message" too) then tell me. Adding a text tag to my 
xmlgui .rc didn't work for the "File" Menu for some reason.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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