[Bug 34380] Noatun Playlist Skinning and Integration

Beat Fasel beat_fasel at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 17:16:16 BST 2003

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------- Additional Comments From beat_fasel at yahoo.com  2003-05-04 18:16 -------
Stefan wrote: 
> > > In this post, I only focus on point (1) and specificly on skinning.  
> > > Unfortunately, I don't like Noatuns default layout and am using skins  
> > > therefore. However, if only the main application is skinned and the  
> What do you mean by default layout? Is there no GUI for Noatun with normal KDE  
> UI that appeals you? If not, tell me why, I'm always willing to improve such  
> things as that's one of the things I'm actually capable of (I couldn't  
> improve a single thing about arts-related stuff though) ;) 
Well, that's difficult to describe what you like and what you dont' like and why. I try anyway. Well, 
apart from the lacking integration (or coupled noatun,playlist and equalizer windows) it's also 
compactness I like (playlist and play controls tied close together, so that one can see that they 
belong to the same app). 
But as you say, Noatun currently feels cobbled-together, having seemingly unrelated windows 
belonging to the same app. This is especilly true, if you have e.g. noatun skinned and a playlist and 
huge equalizer window around that seem like belonging more to a nearby open krwite due to having 
the kde-look and feel, while the skined notatun skined looks like something else. Even if noatun is 
used with a native kde plugin, it is not immediately visually apparent if the playlist belongs to Noatun 
and not to kwrite. 
Ok, back to the native interface plugins of Noatun, Stefan, you asked me why they are not so 
appealing to me: 
- Exellent: Emptiness (empty window with a slider in it when you start it up). I don't like how the 
reminding playing time, the name of the song and the total playing time are presented to the user. 
They are distributed unequally over the window, leading to wasted real-estate. Also, I don't like the 
play controls organized in a toolbar. Hereby, the  play controls get situated very close to the window 
closing button as well as the file opening button. I feel that the play controls should be more 
grouped together on their own as they are functionally similar, while the file opening and application 
closing button do something different. 
- Milk-Chocolate: Cute, but what are the two sliders for? Which is volume and which is the progress 
slider? Not immediatly clear. For the sake of compactness, labeling of the sliders has been sacrified... 
PS: I agree with all of you, M$ Mediaplayer is one huge boatware, something that hurts in the eyes 
and consumes the whole desktop.

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