[Bug 34380] Noatun Playlist Skinning and Integration

sgehn at gmx.net sgehn at gmx.net
Sun May 4 16:58:05 BST 2003

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Subject: Re:  Noatun Playlist Skinning and Integration


On Sunday May 4 2003 17:34, Beat Fasel wrote:
> Charles wrote that the main reason for the current popularity of XMMS is
> that people dislike change. I absolutely agree with that. But there is more
> to it, namely the integrated interface (playlist + controls) that is
> lacking currently.

Just added support for this to FlexPlaylist today (i.e. this is unreleased), 
now I can have PlayPause, Back, Stop and Forward in menubar, toolbar and even 
statusbar (although the last one is not adhering kde-styleguides, I still 
like it to save space and turn the toolbar+menubar off).
Next for me is to make all the keyboard shortcuts configurable, then I can 
hopefully make a new release :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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