FlexPlaylist 0.4 released

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Sun Jul 27 00:59:11 BST 2003


there it is. Changes:
- Removed small windowborder, it removes the taskbar entry too and causes
  focusing problems with dialog
- Added "jump to" Dialog
- Added player toolbar, it contains the same items as "Player" menu by default
- Ported lists context-menu to XMLGUI
- FIX: let Noatun handle removal of PlayListItemData
  (thanks to Charles Samuels for this one)

just grab it at http://metz.gehn.net/files/Sources/flexplaylist-0.4.tar.bz2

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
sgehn_AT_gmx.net | ICQ#51123152 | Moege der Pinguin mit euch sein

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