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On Sunday July 20, 2003 10:51, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> On Sonntag Juli 20 2003 19:43, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > On Sunday July 20, 2003 10:38, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> > > Maybe we should ask Everaldo and friends to give us some decent
> > > media-player action icons so we can get rid of the blakc blocks you
> > > mentioned (btw, these get used in our GUI too, even there they look
> > > ugly)
> >
> > Adding things to new icon styles is fine, but deleting things is
> > uncessary. Please don't "get rid" of anything.  You may want to go
> > aroung calling things "ugly," but don't impose your style sense on
> > others, please.
> You can't tell me that monochrome pixmaps are state-of-the-art and that
> they fit into kde which now is having crystal-icons all over.


All you're doing is imposing your tastes on others.  But don't remove old 
icons.  If you insist on making Young Hickory obey the icon style (which 
isn't a bad idea), then do it right and get the classic icons into the 
classic style, please.  This way *everyone's* tastes are obeyed.
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