Sound System Control Center Module

Christian Esken c.esken at
Sat Jul 5 18:41:57 BST 2003

On Wednesday 02 July 2003 10:55, Arnold Krille wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 July 2003 02:09, Henrique Pinto wrote:
> > I have some questions I would like you to help me answer. First of all,
> > is it aRts or aRTs? That doesn't make much difference, but standarization
> > is a
> According to its aRts.
> > Besides the logical separations beetween aRTs (or aRts) and the mixer, is
> > there any other problem on making system volume adjustable in this
> > module?
> Afaik the mixervolume is saved and restored by KMix (or its applet) not by
> aRts. So you might get funny results if you adjust your wanted "initial"
> volume in the planned CC-module but never launch KMix(applet).

The initial volume stored by KMix is restored by the KMix KCM (it useses the 
kmixctrl application to achive this).


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