Playing .ogg files

Andreas Beckermann b_mann at
Thu Feb 27 18:22:45 GMT 2003

Nice discussions around here currently - sometimes even useful ones ;)
So here one thing from Stefan in "Re: Questions about arts (mostly to be used 
in docs)". He/You said that Arts::Synth_PLAY_WAV is cachable, whereas 
Playobjects are not.
Well, most of the sound code from my game is more or less copied from 
different KDE apps (lacking any documentation in arts), so I am of course 
using playobjects. But - as said - I am writing a game, so I need them to be 
cachable at any cost (we are one step away from disabling sound for release, 
because it makes the game unplayable).

So what should I use to play .ogg files? Any code snippets around?


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