CSL Motivation

Tim Jansen ml at tjansen.de
Wed Feb 26 23:19:18 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 26 February 2003 23:52, Neil Stevens wrote:
> Every framework we've considered can output to other frameworks, so CSL's
> primary benefit of interoperability is redundant.

Such a layer is not redundant. CSL lacks important features for it though. It 
provides a relatively direct interface to the sound device. Programs like 
games usually do not use a framework to access the sound device, or they use 
specialized libraries like SDL_mixer/SDL. Or a developer may want to use 
codecs directly, like xmms does.

The user could configure CSL using KControl and all CSL-capable apps would 
then respect these settings. It could also make sure that there is a common 
naming schemes for sound devices among non-KDE apps. Right now some apps 
allow you to select them by device name (/dev/dspX), some by the name that 
the sound API provides, and some not at all...


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