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Wed Feb 26 22:52:10 GMT 2003

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On Tuesday February 25, 2003 07:26, Tim Janik wrote:
> hey all,
> due to the recent discussions involving CSL (amongst other
> projects) on this list, i've put up a preliminary web presence at:
> 	http://sfk.evilplan.org/csl/

Nice page, thank you.

OK, so CSL isn't even in the running for the KDE 4 backend.  CSL sits at 
the exact same layer libartskde or its successor sits.  Even if we decided 
we wanted CSL, we'd still have to decide whether to use arts, gstreamer, 
or something else to do the actual work.

Every framework we've considered can output to other frameworks, so CSL's 
primary benefit of interoperability is redundant.

As for using CSL for development, it's useless there.  It provides a 
wrapper we don't need.  We're better served to write our own KDE wrapper 
around the framework we decide upon.  For example, if we use GStreamer, 
we'll use something based on qgst, not CSL.

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