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Mon Feb 24 20:30:52 GMT 2003

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On Monday February 24, 2003 12:13, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> On Monday 24 February 2003 18:11, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > You can point at GStreamer and Tim when you can use the full
> > capability of GStreamer without knowing one function of glib.
> First I don't see what's so evil about glib that you seem so scared of
> it, but (a) that's unrelated to my point and (b) maybe I just haven't
> used it enough to be appropriately scared.  ;-)
> Well, I get the feeling that this has already been said in this thread
> (what hasn't?) -- but could you please define "full capability"?
> Is full capability being able to use the system without knowing anything
> about glib or being able to hack GStreamer plugins without knowing glib?
> The first is possible and I'm attaching a copy of gstreamerplayer.cpp
> from JuK (there's one abstract class with both an aRts and GStreamer
> implementation). Nothing scarry there.  This was kind of a "proof of
> concept".
> If you're talking about extending the system, well I don't think that's
> a fair requirement or one that's applied elsewhere in KDE.  i.e. We
> don't require X extensions to be comprehensible to average KDE
> developers, yet obviously this is accessible to some...

Yes, I am talking about extending the system.  If it's not possible to 
extend the system without glib, then this "wrapper" idea is probably too 
limited to be sufficient.

> > (No, this is not an endorsement of GStreamer in KDE 4 :-)
> >
> :-)
> And just to be sure -- I'm not sold on it either.  But it is an
> interesting option and worth paying some attention to.  The GStreamer
> guys (several of us at FOSDEM met with them) have been a pleasure to
> deal with and seem very interested in the possibility of working with us
> KDE folks.

Oh sure.. they were very cooperative with me when I asked about it when 
considering video options for KDE 3.1.  It's from them that I found that 
GStreamer is tightly bound to glib.

Please don't make this out to be a personal thing.  It's purely technical.  
Purely on merit.

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