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Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Mon Feb 24 20:13:18 GMT 2003

On Monday 24 February 2003 18:11, Neil Stevens wrote:
> You can point at GStreamer and Tim when you can use the full capability of 
> GStreamer without knowing one function of glib.

First I don't see what's so evil about glib that you seem so scared of it, but 
(a) that's unrelated to my point and (b) maybe I just haven't used it enough 
to be appropriately scared.  ;-)

Well, I get the feeling that this has already been said in this thread (what 
hasn't?) -- but could you please define "full capability"?

Is full capability being able to use the system without knowing anything about 
glib or being able to hack GStreamer plugins without knowing glib?

The first is possible and I'm attaching a copy of gstreamerplayer.cpp from JuK 
(there's one abstract class with both an aRts and GStreamer implementation).  
Nothing scarry there.  This was kind of a "proof of concept".

If you're talking about extending the system, well I don't think that's a fair 
requirement or one that's applied elsewhere in KDE.  i.e. We don't require X 
extensions to be comprehensible to average KDE developers, yet obviously this 
is accessible to some...

> (No, this is not an endorsement of GStreamer in KDE 4 :-)


And just to be sure -- I'm not sold on it either.  But it is an interesting 
option and worth paying some attention to.  The GStreamer guys (several of us 
at FOSDEM met with them) have been a pleasure to deal with and seem very 
interested in the possibility of working with us KDE folks.



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