Media Options for KDE 4

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Mon Feb 24 09:39:20 GMT 2003

On Sunday 23 February 2003 21:44, Eray Ozkural wrote:
> I think it's an illusion that having to write in C is automatically going
> to result in a very efficient code. You can write exactly the same thing
> with C++, and give it a nice interface. In fact C++ implementation is
> likely to result in more efficient and readable code if one makes proper
> use of stdlib.

Noone is saying that you can't do this with C++.  We're saying that nobody 
*has* done this with C++.  If you feel so compelled as to do so, I'll talk to 
you in 2+ years when your implementation is starting to mature.

Yes, we're all C++ programmers here, but one of the huge advantages of C++ is 
that it *does* allow code reuse from C libraries and frameworks.  In fact 
that's why it's *C*++.

We could redo everything that has been done and working, or we could sacrifice 
a bit to the language gods and just wrap a C API.  Wait, that's already been 
done.  ;-)

/me points in the general direction of GStreamer and Tim.



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