KMplayer for kdemultimedia

Alexander Dymo cloudtemple at
Sun Feb 23 21:14:00 GMT 2003

Looking at I saw that there is a kde wrapper to mplayer,
named KMplayer. It is written by Koos Vriezen <koos.vriezen at>.
According to it is a popular software. My personal experience
was very positive too - kmplayer is a stable app, though not a feature-full.

So I decided to ask a permission to include KMplayer to kde cvs as a part
of kdemultimedia distribution. IMHO KMplayer will fit well into kde (it is a
KPart). It doesn't use mplayer library, it creates mplayer process and
controls it. Comparing to xine-artsplugin it gives much more configurability
and flexibility (most likely due to mplayer excellent keyboard control).
Do you agree with me or is there another place for KMplayer to be included?

Alexander Dymo
Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University, IT Department

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