Media Options for KDE 4

Leon Shiman leon at
Sun Feb 23 17:58:48 GMT 2003

A word about MAS by a lurker from the MAS team.

I feel that it is not really fair for me to enter this discussion without
responding directly to many of your well-framed concerns. But I, like all of 
you, have too little time to do as I would prefer.

MAS was developed and is currently targetted to be integrated into all
Unix/Linux releases of Sun, IBM, Hp, sgi, and others asap. We have a native
port of MAS to Windows. We are now finishing a high-level "soundserver" API, 
and we are defining a substrate which supports cross-platform accessibility 
requirements, in cooperation with the accessibility forces.

Sun and X.Org have partially supported the MAS development as an X.Org
project. The primary target was "network transparent" audio support
for X11. The second target was to support Gnome, as their primary
desktop, the third was to provide a common substrate for accessibility
applications, since MAS efficiently manages integration, synchronization, 
and timing of media data streams, independently of data type. As Ettrich, 
Nord, and Stefan will confirm, we've been interesting in working with the 
KDE effort since we began on MAS.

I will be in Copenhagen next week, giving two talks on MAS, one at DKUUG on 
Thursday, one at LinuxForum on Saturday. I'd be glad to have the chance to 
speak to any of you who are there. We would like very much to participate in 
a face-to-face discussion of the media issues with as many of you as 
possible, and funds permitting, will travel.


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