aRts vs JACK

Ewald Snel ewald at
Sun Feb 23 10:56:29 GMT 2003

Hi Neil,


> We're not getting the existing known crashes fixed fast enough that I'm
> interested in getting more crashes reported yet, actually.
> For me, xine_artsplugin kills artsd whenever a video playobject is
> unloaded.  But right now it's manageable.  Under your plan I'd get a crash
> dialog every time I pressed stop in kaboodle.

This problem should be fixed in KDE CVS now. It was caused by Kaboodle not 
destroying the user interface and because of that, not stopping video 
playback. The  X11 Window suddenly disappeared while artsd (xine aRts plugin) 
was writing in it, resulting in an X11 error.



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