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On Saturday February 22, 2003 10:37, Matthias Welwarsky wrote:
> Hi all,
> I remember there's been lengthy discussions about arts or !arts around
> KDE Release 2 or so. There even was a meeting on IRC where people
> discussed what demands KDE has regarding the handling of multimedia
> data. I'm trying to recall now what was found back then, please correct
> my mistakes.
> Ideally, KDE needs:
> A sound server. So far so well, but with what features, what would we
> want: - simultaneous access
> - network transparency (?)
> - low latency
> - bitrate resampling, most cheap soundcards support only 48kHz nowadays
> - more than one stereo channel, e.g. for surround sound capable hardware
> - not necessarily, but probably also recoding of different raw input
> formats, like le16/be16, 8bit ulaw, etc...
> - recording, of course
> - in short, everything you'd want your soundcard to do.

KDE needs a media system that will:

 - support KIO and network transparency
 - support use of the Qt object model we use
 - be released stably when KDE releases are made
 - maintain binary compatibility for the lifetime of the KDE major release 
it's shipped with
 - obey the KDE library licensing policy for all things the apps must link 
 - be maintained for the lifetime of the KDE major release it's shipped 

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