aRts vs JACK

Kai Vehmanen kai.vehmanen at
Sun Feb 23 00:28:55 GMT 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003 tech at wrote:

>> Solaris. OSS driver for JACK could also be implemented (I think that would
>> cover most of the KDE platforms).
> Adrian DeGroot runs it on Freebsd.  I run it on MacOSX.  My brother runs it on 
> HP/UX.  I'm giving you personal examples so that you don't think this is
> some sort of "But Think Of the Children!"-hand-waving exercise.

No, no.. personally I care very much about portability. You can run
ecasound (which is my primary FOSS project) on pretty much all popular
unices with anything from small pdas to large servers... and nowadays even
on windows. ;) At the same time ecasound has one of the most complete JACK
subsystems in any client app at the moment.

>> I think it's vital that we'd have people around on linux-audio-dev (and
>> other related forums) that kept the desktop use perspective (i.e. media
> Full agreement.  But who's volunteering to actually participate? Write
> code? Read 3-4 more mailing lists?  You seem like you are informed.
> Represent us!

The problem is that I'm not a KDE developer (and not even a user). I've
been on this list for years, because I want to be aware of what is
happening on the various audio development islands. And I'm the last
person here to demand (or even suggest) anything from or to you... Only
way cooperation will work on any level is if it makes sense for all

Following many not-too-interesting mailing lists is always a burden, but
for instance, it might make sense to announce new kde-multimedia
developments on the these other forums and see if you get any feedback. If
anyone is interested, they will usually react in some way to these
annoucements. If not, at least we both groups know what others are doing. 

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