aRts vs JACK

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Sun Feb 23 00:23:42 GMT 2003

On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 02:02:24AM +0200, Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Neil Stevens wrote:
> >> well as other lad projects), I'd really like to welcome you, the KDE
> >> multimedia people, to join these projects. There's plenty of work for
> > You wrote that a lot more diplomatically than I would have.  Yes, if 
> > someone wants linux-specific audio, he should join the existing linux 
> > audio efforts.  KDE is not the place for them.
> :) Point taken. Yes, these projects are Linux centric, but not necessarily
> Linux only. For instance there has been some work on porting JACK to
> Solaris. OSS driver for JACK could also be implemented (I think that would
> cover most of the KDE platforms).

Adrian DeGroot runs it on Freebsd.  I run it on MacOSX.  My brother runs it on 
HP/UX.  I'm giving you personal examples so that you don't think this is
some sort of "But Think Of the Children!"-hand-waving exercise.

> I think it's vital that we'd have people around on linux-audio-dev (and
> other related forums) that kept the desktop use perspective (i.e. media
> players (audio _and_ video), simple audio output (notifiers), games, etc)
> and also platform independence, on the table when discussing audio 
> platform issues.
> Of course, if all the participants are interested primarily in pro-audio
> uses, well that's what you get as a result. Sure you could pretend to be
> able to solve problems for other areas of use, but in reality you can't do
> good design work without domain knowledge. And that's what you KDE (and
> GNOME) people have lots and lots of.

Full agreement.  But who's volunteering to actually participate? Write
code? Read 3-4 more mailing lists?  You seem like you are informed.
Represent us!


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