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On Saturday 22 February 2003 18:08, Neil Stevens wrote:
> Yes, I do.   A lot.  If the soundserver crashes, the app can restart it and
> very little actually happens to the user.  If the app crashes, it's a
> hassle for the user.

I consider crashing artsd very serious, a lot more serious than crashing an 

> We're not getting the existing known crashes fixed fast enough that I'm
> interested in getting more crashes reported yet, actually.

And why are they not fixed fast enough?

> For me, xine_artsplugin kills artsd whenever a video playobject is
> unloaded.  But right now it's manageable.  Under your plan I'd get a crash
> dialog every time I pressed stop in kaboodle.

Perhaps because you're not getting a crash dialog every time you pressed stop 
in kaboodle? :-)

> > > Yes, KDE has to force its users to use certain libraries and services.
> > >  We force X, we force Qt, we force unix, we force C++.
> >
> > And if would could change that you would rather keep it like it is?
> Correct.  I would rather keep things as they are, than make a change merely
> for the sake of dropping a library.

Interesting, did I talk about dropping?

> Nothing in KDE can play sounds without aRts, though, at all.  So we'd still
> have to have aRts!

Are you talking about the current situation? If yes, then you're wrong. You 
can change your KDE System Notifications to use any external program for 
playing sounds. Which basically comes down to being able to play sounds 
without aRts :-)

Please, I say it again (what, the fourth time?) I want to keep aRts (it's a 
pretty cool program), I only want those users who want to use something else 
to still be able to use KDE without a lot of hassle.

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