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On Friday 21 February 2003 22:27, Neil Stevens wrote:
> Yes it will.  Right now, if a decoder crashes, the app has to just restart
> arts.  If we move deocding in process, a crashed decoder crashes the app.
> KNotify, konqueror (previews), noatun, kaboodle, and most of kdeedu and
> kdegames, and more would become less stable if one unreliable playobject
> existed.

So you think crashing the soundserver is better than crashing an app? Wow.

We all know that code will be buggy, but the way it currently is it's hard for 
anyone who's not into aRts a little deeper to understand where the problem 
is, making reporting and fixing bugs a lot harder.

> > Well if forcing KDE users to have to use aRts and not be able to choose
> > is a good thing to do... then you're probably right.
> Yes, KDE has to force its users to use certain libraries and services.  We
> force X, we force Qt, we force unix, we force C++.

And if would could change that you would rather keep it like it is?

> Forcing one more thing
> doens't hurt.  We don't force you to run aRts after all.. we only force
> you to use it if you want audio.

But we don't have to. We have the chance of telling the user: use aRts and 
you're getting a lot of features, don't use aRts and you will use some of 
that but KDE is still able to make sounds... What's the matter with that. 
It's not "rm -rf arts"ing aRts or anything like it.

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