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On Friday February 21, 2003 02:51, Robert Björn wrote:
> I have a 19" and a 17" screen, which are unsuitable to run the same
> resolution. I suspect that for this reason, I must use two separate X
> screens rather than the X / NVidia xinerama support which appears to
> create only a single X screen (I haven't tried yet). However, is it
> still possible for KDE to treat the two X screens as a single screen,
> allowing me to move windows back and forth with ease?

No, only Xinerama can do that.  But it's possible to use different size 
screens in Xinerama.  I know of a Hayes user who uses different sized 
screens in Xinerama:   I've done it myself, too, 
but took no screenshots.  So try xinerama.  Just make sure your Qt is 
compiled to support it.

Also, in the future, you should look at for 
getting answers to questions like this.  It points to mailing lists and 
other resources dedicated to user support.

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