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David Bishop tech at
Fri Feb 21 18:55:32 GMT 2003

> I'm confused, though:  Jack likes alsa, artsd can use alsa, and the Jack
> page seems to say that alsa allows multiple accesses to the sound device
> at once.  Does that not work for you?

This has to be supported by your alsa-driver, and that is *not* a "given".  
For instance, it doesn't work with my sbawe64.  (The fact that alsa doesn't 
work at all with my aureal is a seperate, and suckier, discussion...)

> > > Right, nobody likes the arts documentation, and everyone learns by
> > > talking to other people and looking at other sources.
> >
> > (Unspoken in your response): And my whining doesn't actually get
> > anything done.  Yeah, I know. :-(
> Hm.. you must have missed the months of whining Charles and I made. :-)

Yep :-)  I've only been (mostly lurking) on this list for a year or so.

> A serious point:  Stefan Westerfeld seems all too happy to answer questions
> about aRts.  Without his help I'd never have gotten anywhere in playobject
> and kaboodle development.  So I hope you ask if you have problems.

I have been.  I try to do as much as I can by myself, not only to keep from 
being put in the kill-file of 1/2 the list, but because if *I* figure it out, 
there is a much greater chance that I understand it B-)

By the way, is there a place that you, Charles, and Stephan hang out (irc?)?  
That would be much lower-latency (ha! I kill me...) than the list...

I promise to document all questions I have, and their answers, and make 
patches for the docs.*  One of my major job descriptions at work is to write 
"newbie docs", that is, faq's and howtos for people just hired into our 
group.  So I have some experience there...

*this is serious, by the way, no mickydee's reference here!
"Yousa steala precious from meesa!" - Jar-Jaromir


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