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On Friday February 21, 2003 10:01, David Bishop wrote:
> On Friday 21 February 2003 10:35 am, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Heh.  But what good would that do us, though, to stick yet another
> > layer between arts apps and the hardware?
> Nothing.  It does *arts* no more good, to put another layer there.  It
> does, however, benefit users who want to use jackified apps and
> artsified apps at the same time, with the (obvious) caveat that using
> arts in this manner will just add to the latency of those apps, not
> improve them.  The whole reason for me even looking into this is that I
> would really like to be able to listen to my tunes via noatun while
> working in rosegarden.  I.e., that's the itch that I'm scratching B-)

Right.  And I wouldn't want to try to dissuade you from solving your own 
problem.  But I always keep one eye on the hordes who *do* want to bury 
aRts. :-)

I'm confused, though:  Jack likes alsa, artsd can use alsa, and the Jack 
page seems to say that alsa allows multiple accesses to the sound device 
at once.  Does that not work for you?

> > Right, nobody likes the arts documentation, and everyone learns by
> > talking to other people and looking at other sources.
> (Unspoken in your response): And my whining doesn't actually get
> anything done.  Yeah, I know. :-(

Hm.. you must have missed the months of whining Charles and I made. :-)

A serious point:  Stefan Westerfeld seems all too happy to answer questions 
about aRts.  Without his help I'd never have gotten anywhere in playobject 
and kaboodle development.  So I hope you ask if you have problems.

> > Then how about improving the aRts deficiencies instead of essentially
> > giving up and outputting to jack?  :-)
> I don't see this as giving up, but as a compatibility measure.  *My*
> apps, assuming they have audio needs, will use arts.  But I can't
> dictate what other people will use (and though rosegarden has an
> arts-output, its use is discourage by the devs, and my impression is
> that it is unmaintained; and it is just one example of an app that uses
> jack, there are others).  Also, I've found that a good way to learn a
> project is by trying to extend it, via a plugin or something else.  Once
> I have my mind completely wrapped around how it all works, maybe I'll
> dive into the internals. (a final $1, and now you have delicious fries
> ;-)

Heh.  I like fries, so that's good.

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